30th November 2019
(9 am to 6 pm)

15,000 ₹999
(Included: Full Training, Your FREE Copy of Money Mastery Framework, Tea, Snacks, Lunch)

Success stories —

"This 1-Day transformation workshop blew my mind. I found the path to achieve the financial freedom. Can't thank Deepak enough."

Lalit Dhingra

Director, Dhingra Buildwell Pvt Ltd

"The clarity and transformation I achieved with this workshop is unimaginable. Money making no longer troubles me."

Anil Mitra

Director, Mitras Technocrafts Pvt Ltd

"I was bogged down with the constant finanical struggle. Deepak cured all mental barriers and gave me an empowering second life."

Ashootosh Kant

Director, One Card Solution Pvt Ltd.

Pay-off Your Debt Quickly
Win the Money Game

  • Is your sad and skinny little bank account troubling you day and night?
  • Or, may be you are feeling pressurized because of your debts or bank loan?

Whatever money issue you are facing right now – the reality is that this issue is not going to get away by working hard or by getting another loans.

What you “really” need is NOT another book or advice but a straight forward and practical method to build you money muscle by doing money exercise – which will empower you to handle your money issues with breeze.

Join 1-day Become a Money Magnet transformational practical process by financial expert and best-selling author Deepak Soni to reset your money thermostat and attain complete financial freedom.

You can’t afford not to know what my friendDeepak Soni has to say about Money!”

What will I learn?

This is one of its kind 1-day practical workshop led by ace financial expert and best-selling author Deepak Soni. In this workshop you would learn some of the best kept secrets of practical methods to build you money muscle and lead you to attain financial independence.

You would learn —

The science of how money works. You would also learn methods to stop chasing and start attracting it.

How to overcome limitation of our belief system and transform it to make it work for us, forever.

Tools to pay off all debt, manage money masterfully and learning neuroscience of becoming rich, quickly.

Why attend?

Changing Money Thermostat

Learn what are biggest barriers in your path of being debt-free and making money. Transform your believe to grow rich & build wealth.

Unique Practical Approach

Get framework to pay-off your debt and uncover the secret of how to stop chasing and start attracting money with best practical approaches.

Priceless Feedback

Learn the tools to asses your financial state and get Deepak's priceless feedback to get on the road to unstoppable success.

Success stories —

"It was a life-changing experience. I realized what true potential I have and now am on the verge to achieve what I thought impossible."

Bhawna Monga

Relationship Catalyst

"I had sleepless nights seeing my loans and credit card outstanding rising. With this workhsop I learned how to get rid of this trap forever. "

Mudit Goel

Interior Designer

"I was blaming my law practice for my financial breakdown but Deepak made me come out of my mental barrier and learn money-making."

Brijesh Gupta

Advocate - Supreme Court

Meet Deepak Soni —

Deepak Soni is a renowned Money Coach, Financial Expert and the creator of "Pay Off Your Debt in 20 mins a Day framework". He is also a seasoned Serial Entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in running a series of successful business enterprises.

His strong business acumen, enviable understanding of the financial sector and ability to lead from the front has contributed to him bagging several high-value strategic International deals for his long list of clients.

Deepak Soni’s Become a Money Magnet workshop has helped thousands take charge of their financial life, handle their money issues with breeze, pay-off their debt fast and and build wealth for self and children.

Knowledge by itself is not enough. If you want real financial freedom, you must have an effective strategy.”

Who should attend?

This workshop is for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to:

Learn how money really works and how to build the money muscle

Learn fail-proof strategies of creating wealth without losing peace

Get out of debt quickly and maximize revenues & savings

Achieve absolute financial freedom & retire early with dignity

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30th November 2019
Saturday (9 am to 6 pm)
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(Included: Full Training, Your FREE Copy of Money Mastery Framework, Tea, Snacks, Lunch)

Frequently Asked Questions

By the end of this workshop you will go home with proven strategies to end all your financial woes and tools to start your journey towards financial freedom.
No. Anybody who wants to get control over their financial life, revenues, and savings can join.
Sorry, this workshop is already highly discounted and hence further discounts are not possible.
You are entitled to a full refund, only if you inform us about your unavailability and cancel your registration, at least 48 hours before the workshop. In any other situation, the fee will not be refunded. You can, however, join us for our next workshop.

Take Action. Join this workshop now!

Bury all your financial worries, reset your money thermostat, pay off your debts in no time and open
the flood-gate of money to achieve a happier professional & personal life.