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Autopilot Money-Making - Join Become a Money Magnet workshop


This workshop blew my mind. I opened up, I cried, I found the solace and the path to become financially independent. Thank you Deepak, you made it all possible.

Lalit Dhingra

Director, Dhingra Buildwell Pvt Ltd

From I can’t even win bread to I will build my fortune in 3 years. That’s the clarity and transformation I went through during this workshop. Money making no longer troubles me.

Anil Mitra

Director, Mitras Technocrafts Pvt Ltd

I was broke and bogged down with the constant financial struggle. Deepak showed me how all these are just mental barriers which can be cured. You gave me an empowering second life sir.

Ashootosh Kant

Director, One Card Solution Pvt Ltd.

Reset financial thermostat.
Attain financial freedom.

A lot of Business Owners are undergoing this stress and anxiety in their businesses. Unfortunately, our education / learning system does not address this burning requirement and most business owners learn by making mistakes and at times these mistakes are irreversible.

Every Business Owner started his business with an aspiration that it should be able to take care of him and his family in times of his need. Having invested so much of their time and energy into creating this business, most of the business owners find that their business cannot run without them. How will such businesses grow? What will happen to them if the business owner is not around for some time.

At Midson Advisors, we have been working with Business Owners in the Financial Advisory Domain for over 15 years now and have studied their pain areas very closely. This has helped us design a transformational methodology under the banner of MONEY MAGNET MASTERY Programs which has been strategically designed to address the financial worries of business owners by working on their Financial Quotient and also giving them tools which helps them break free from the constraints of their existing financial knowledge bringing total financial control in their businesses.

You can’t afford not to know what my friendDeepak Soni has to say about Money!”


The whole purpose of this program is to empower the SME / MSME businesses which is a backbone for the economy and as a business owner gives his heart and soul to grow his business, he has a right to enjoy the fruits of his efforts over time. If he can create his business as a legacy, his family will enjoy its benefits in the future. Our program has already impacted over 200+ Business Owners in Delhi / NCR and we are on a mission to transform SME / MSME businesses across the globe.

What will I learn?

This methodology has answers to above and many more such questions of Business Owner for his life and business. This methodology not only empowers the mindset of the Business Owner but gives them a clear pathway of how they should take their business forward using the Financial Tools provided in the methodology. It is backed up with 1-2-1 hand-holding support where the business owner can come back any time to review / discuss / clarify his doubts and get answers to problems whenever they want.

Money Magnet Mastery Program

This program is for mainly for the Business Owners where they gain learning over the critical aspects of the finance and management domain of their business. The program is run over 5 full day sessions spread over 7 weeks covering 3 Mastery areas -

Money Mastery:
We work on transforming the Money mindset of Business Owners and help them create a financial dashboard. We work deeply on several other aspects using Neuro-science technology which brings a complete shift in the perspective of the business owner.

People Mastery:
Our whole life and business revolves around people and we change the whole outlook of how we look at people and how they perceive our business.

Self Mastery:
We introduce the concept of making a difference to others as a part of our current business strategy instead of something we will do when we retire or when we will have some spare time for it. This brings in a feeling of fulfillment where we are in our current business instead of something we will do in the future.

Money Magnet Enterprise Rebuild

Business Owners learn how to convert their business into an ASSET. They work on making their businesses SUSTAINABLE, SCALABLE AND SALEABLE.

What do these terms mean for my business?

Profitability is the first priority of any business. People believe that getting more sales is the only way to increase Profits. Increasing sales is surely very important for all businesses however, we must look at other ways to increase profits.
Normally businesses run on the formula
– Selling Price = Cost Price + Profit
In this formula, the profits are varying as per the market conditions and usually the profits are hit due to fluctuating selling prices.
Under Money Magnet Enterprise Rebuild, we train business owners to run their businesses from a new perspective
– Selling Price – Cost Price = Profits
In this formula, the focus is put on reducing cost to increase profitability. We look at reducing costs from these areas – Production & Operations. The Business owner is trained in a structured manner to start measuring and reducing his cost in each area of the above 2 business functions. Companies have reported significant increase in their profits after having adopted measurability in these areas.

Preparing my business for expansion (local, national or global). Having manpower controlled by effective systems and processes that run and manage the business instead of the business owner.

Preparing a business in a way that it can attract investments. It can be a partial sale – Private Equity, IPO or complete sale out – Acquisition.

Money Magnet Team Empowerment Program

This program is for mainly for the Team members where they acquire learning on JOB vs SERVICE. These programs cover various aspects of People Mastery, Self Mastery, Money Mastery and also some customized modules like – Stress Management, Team Building, Team Empowerment etc.

Meet Deepak Soni —

Deepak Soni is a renowned Money Coach and a seasoned Serial Entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in running a series of successful business enterprises. He is the author of the thought-provoking book “The Secrets of Money Magnets”.

His strong business acumen, enviable understanding of the financial sector and ability to lead from the front has contributed to him bagging several high-value strategic International deals for his long list of clients.

Deepak Soni’s Become a Money Magnet workshop has helped thousands take charge of their financial life and this can help you, too.

Knowledge by itself is not enough. If you want real financial freedom, you must have an effective strategy.”

Who should attend?

  Business Owners



  Directors / Business Unit Heads


  Working Professionals – CA, Doctors, Engineers, Architects, etc

  Working People looking at joining their family businesses / starting new ventures